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Baby Support Grant

Children who were born before 1 Oct 2020, but whose certified Estimated Date of Delivery (EDD) was on or after 1 Oct 2020, can receive the Baby Support Grant if they are eligible for the Baby Bonus Cash Gift. Parents of these children may email a scanned copy of the doctor's certification of the child's EDD to msf_babybonus@msf.gov.sg for review.

The doctor's certification should include the following details:

• EDD;
• Mother's name and identification number;
• Name of clinic; and
• Doctor's signature.

The Government gives Singaporeans a very comprehensive Marriage and Parenthood Package to help couples start and raise their families. The Package includes the Baby Bonus Cash Gift (BBCG) and Child Development Account, Government-paid parental leave, subsidised infant and childcare, subsidised healthcare for mothers and children, free NCIS* vaccinations and developmental screenings at polyclinics and CHAS** General Practitioner clinics, and the MediSave Grant for Newborns. This Package costs the Government about $4 billion annually, of which over $1 billion goes towards early childhood education and development.   

While the available support is comprehensive, the pandemic has not been easy on Singaporeans who are trying to get married and start their families. The Government has received feedback that COVID-19 has caused some aspiring parents to postpone their parenthood plans. To help reassure couples to proceed with their parenthood plans, the Government will provide a one-off Baby Support Grant (BSG) of $3,000, for children born from 1 Oct 2020 to 30 Sep 2022. 

The BSG will be given to children who receive the existing BBCG (click here for eligibility criteria). The BSG will be deposited into the same bank account which parents use to receive the BBCG. The BSG will be deposited from 1 Apr 2021, or within 1 month of enrolment into the BBS, whichever is later. 

With the new BSG, parents will now receive up to $21,000 in cash and cash-like benefits on the birth of their first child, in addition to parental leave, and subsidised preschool and healthcare. More details on all the measures in the Package can be found at go.gov.sg/mpbooklet. You can also use the Family Support Calculator in the LifeSG app to find out how much benefits you can receive. Scan this QR code to download the LifeSG app.

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If you need further assistance, please call the Baby Bonus hotline at 1800-253-7707 or visit babybonus.msf.gov.sg to use the virtual assistant, Ask Jamie.

*National Childhood Immunisation Schedule
** Community Health Assist Scheme

  • 1. How and when will the Baby Support Grant (BSG) be given out?

    The BSG will be deposited into the same bank account which is used to receive the Baby Bonus Cash Gift. As IT system changes will be needed to give out the BSG, the BSG will be deposited from 1 Apr 2021, or within 1 month of enrolment into the Baby Bonus Scheme (BBS), whichever is later. Parents can visit go.gov.sg/bbo to enrol into the BBS scheme.

  • 2. Are there any restrictions on the use?

    There are no restrictions on the use of the BSG. 

  • 3. How does the BSG apply to a multiple birth (e.g. twins, triplets)?

    Each eligible child gets a $3,000 BSG. Therefore, parents of twins can receive $6,000.

  • 4. Can I get the BSG if my child has just missed the qualifying deadline?

    We would like to seek the public’s understanding that specific start dates are needed for any new measure or enhancement. This measure was announced on 9 October 2020 (Children’s Day) but we allowed babies born from 1 October 2020 to benefit.

    Parents of children born prior to 1 Oct 2020 still enjoy the numerous benefits and support measures under the Marriage and Parenthood (M&P) Package.

    The Government has also provided significant support this year to ease concerns about employment and finances arising from the impact of COVID-19. This includes employment and salary support through the SG United Jobs and Skills Package and the Jobs Support Scheme.

    To further assure and support Singaporeans who may be concerned about coping with their household expenses during this period of economic uncertainty, the Government has provided a Solidarity Payment of $600 to all Singaporeans aged 21 and above, and a Care and Support – Cash (Parents) of $300 to each parent with at least one citizen child aged 20 and below. This is in addition to the Care and Support – Cash Payout of $300-$900 (depending on income) to all Singaporeans aged 21 and above.

Last Updated : 5 Mar 2021