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Supporting Work-Life Harmony

Many Singaporeans aspire to have fulfilling careers and meaningful family lives. The following measures are designed to help Singaporeans achieve these aspirations, as well as encourage shared parental responsibility:

  1. 16 weeks of Maternity Leave
  2. 2 weeks of Government-Paid Paternity Leave
  3. 4 weeks of Government-Paid Shared Parental Leave
  4. Government-Paid Maternity Benefit*
  5. 6 days of Unpaid Infant Care Leave annually for parents with children aged below 2 years
  6. 6 days of Childcare Leave annually for parents with children aged below 7 years, and 2 days of Government-Paid Childcare Leave annually for parents with children aged 7–12 years
  7. 12 weeks of paid Adoption Leave for Mothers 
  8. Maternity protection for pregnant employees

*For working mothers, including self-employed mothers, who are not eligible for paid Maternity Leave due to their work arrangements (e.g. short-term contract workers)

Employers are also encouraged to offer family-friendly measures such as flexible work arrangements. Doing so makes good business sense, as it helps businesses better attract and retain talent, and improve staff productivity.

Employers can adopt the Tripartite Standards on (i) flexible work arrangements and (ii) unpaid leave for unexpected care needs, which outline progressive practices that employers can voluntarily provide to help their employees manage their work and family responsibilities.

Last Updated : 13 Oct 2017