Useful Links

Here are some links and contacts you may find useful in your marriage and parenthood journey!


Parents’ mental health and well-being resources

Parenting with MOE6872 2220 (Ministry of Education)\parentingwith.moesg
HealthXchange Singapore

My Mental
Breastfeeding Mothers’ Support Group6339 3558


Baby Bonus and Government-Paid Leave Schemes related matters

Baby Bonus Scheme
Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF)
1800 253 7707
Government-Paid Leave SchemeMinistry of Social and Family Development (MSF Cares)
1800 111 2222 or 6111 2222 (say ‘GPLS’ when asked for the hotline you want to reach). Alternatively, you may contact: 1800 253 4757 or 6253 4757



Assisted Conception Procedures (ACP) and Medisave Maternity Package
MediSave Grant for Newborns
MediShield Life Coverage from Birth
CPF Board



 Assisted Reproduction Technology (ART) treatment Ministry of Health (MOH)

Pre-pregnancy preparation

Health Hub

Child care related matters

Enhanced Subsidies for Centre-Based Infant Care & Child CareEarly Childhood Development Agency (ECDA)
6258 5812

Concession and tax relief related matters

Enhanced Foreign Domestic Worker Levy Concession (Young Child/Grandchild/ Elderly Person Schemes)Ministry of Manpower (MOM)
6438 5122
Tax MeasuresIRAS
1800 356 8300

Housing related matters

Parenthood Priority SchemeHDB 1800 866 3066
Parenthood Provisional Housing SchemeHDB 1800 225 5432

Relationship building and marriage related matters

Registry of Marriages (ROM)HDB 1800 866 3066
Social Development Network (SDN)SDN 6838 3988

Work-life related matters

Work-Life GrantSNEF
6827 6949

6213 8383