MediSave Maternity Package

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Did you know that the MediSave Maternity Package allows you to make MediSave claims for pre-delivery and delivery expenses incurred at public and private healthcare institutions?

The MediSave withdrawal limits are:

  • Up to $900 for pre-delivery expenses such as pre-natal consultations, ultrasound scans, tests and medications
  • From $750 and $2,600 for delivery expenses, depending on the type of delivery procedure
  • $550 per day for the first two days of admission and $400 per day from the third day onwards

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  • FAQ
    • 1. What is the average pre-delivery and delivery expenses for a Singaporean couple? On average, how much will the MediSave Maternity Package reduce a Singaporean couple’s out-of-pocket costs?

      Expenses can vary and depend on the type of hospital care, subsidies available and delivery procedure required.

      A Singaporean couple can also receive up to 80 per cent means-tested subsidies for their delivery episode in a subsidised ward, and up to 70 per cent means-tested subsidies for specialist outpatient care that may be required. After subsidies and MediSave, the average Singaporean couple can expect close to zero out-of-pocket payments for their pre-delivery and delivery expenses.

      Couples that face difficulty affording their subsidised pre-delivery and delivery expenses after MediSave usage can approach medical social workers at public hospitals for financial assistance.

    • 2. How do I make a MediSave claim for pre-delivery and delivery expenses under the MediSave Maternity Package?

      You can present the bills for pre-delivery medical care to the hospital where you delivered your baby. The hospital will submit these bills, together with your delivery expenses, as your MediSave claims under the MediSave Maternity Package.