Baby Bonus Scheme

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Baby Bonus Scheme
The Baby Bonus Scheme helps you manage the costs of raising a child. It comprises the Baby Bonus Cash Gift and a Child Development Account – a special co-savings scheme for your child. The Child Development Account has two components, the First Step Grant, and Government co-matching of parents’ savings.

Birth orderBaby Bonus Scheme
*Baby Bonus Cash GiftChild Development Account (CDA)
First Step Grant (No initial deposit from parents required)Maximum Government Co-Matching
1st Child$8,000$3,000$3,000
2nd Child$8,000$3,000


(increased from $3,000)

3rd Child$10,000$3,000$9,000
4th Child$10,000$3,000$9,000
5th and Subsequent Child$10,000$3,000$15,000

^All Singapore Citizen children who are the second child, and whose date of birth or Estimated Date of Delivery is on or after 1 Jan 2021, will be eligible to receive the higher maximum amount of dollar-for-dollar matching.*Applicable to a child born from Jan 2015.

Baby Bonus Cash Gift

The Baby Bonus Cash Gift is given out in five instalments over 18 months, after your child’s birth.

Your child is eligible for the Baby Bonus Cash Gift if:

  1. He or she is a Singapore Citizen; and
  2. You are lawfully married to your spouse.

For more information on the Baby Bonus Cash Gift, visit Check your eligibility for the cash gift here.

TimeAmount of Cash Gift Disbursed 
 1st and 2nd Birth Orders3rd and Subsequent Birth Orders
Seven to 10 days after joining the scheme$3,000$4,000
Child turns six months old$1,500$2,000
Child turns 12 months old$1,500$2,000
Child turns 15 months old$1,000$1,000
Child turns 18 months old$1,000$1,000


Child Development Account

The Child Development Account (CDA) is a special savings account for your child. The First Step Grant is deposited into the CDA without you having to save first, and your subsequent savings will be co-matched by the Government.

Child Development Account First Step Grant

If your child is eligible, he or she will receive a CDA First Step Grant of $3,000. This amount will be automatically deposited when you open the CDA for your child at any of the following banks: DBS/POSB, OCBC or UOB.

Government co-matching of parents’ savings

Enjoy dollar-for-dollar matching from the Government when you save into your child’s CDA, up to the maximum Government co-matching amount.

You can save into and use the CDA at any time before 31 December of the year your child turns 12 years old. The savings in the account can be used for:

  • Fees for registered childcare centres, kindergartens, special education schools and early intervention programmes
  • Medical expenses at healthcare institutions such as hospitals and General Practitioner clinics
  • Premiums for MediShield Life or MediSave-approved private integrated plans
  • Assistive technology devices
  • Eye-related products and services at optical shops
  • Approved healthcare items at pharmacies

Visit for the full list of organisations where the CDA savings can be used at.

Any savings left in the CDA after the year your child turns 12 will be transferred to his or her Post-Secondary Education Account*. Parents who have not saved up to the co-matching cap can continue to contribute to the Post-Secondary Education Account and receive the matching amount until the cap is reached, or when the child turns 18 years old, whichever is earlier.

*The Post-Secondary Education Account helps parents save for their children’s post-secondary education needs. Funds in the account can be used to pay for approved programmes (e.g. diploma, undergraduate programmes) in approved institutions, as well as to repay Government education loans and financial schemes. Subject to a cap, comprising the sum of the applicable CDA Government co-matching cap (based on the child’s birth order), the equivalent deposits made by parents, any ad-hoc top-ups to the CDA made by the Government, and accrued interests.

Click here to determine if your child is eligible for the CDA.


Child Development Account First Step and Government contribution caps

CDA Table

  • FAQ
    • 1. How do I join the Baby Bonus Scheme?

      You can submit your application on the LifeSG mobile application, or on


      Before submitting your application, check your child’s eligibility at If your child is eligible, you may proceed to apply by following these steps:


      Step 1: Click “Join Baby Bonus” at

      Step 2:  Log in using your SingPass.

      Step 3: Complete the relevant sections in the application form.


      Click here for a video on the application process.



    • 2. I am an overseas Singaporean parent. Is my child eligible for the Baby Bonus and how can I apply?

      Your child will need to obtain Singapore Citizenship by the age of 12 to qualify for the full amount of Baby Bonus benefits. You can submit your application for the Baby Bonus Scheme through the LifeSG mobile application, or at


      If you and your spouse are not Singapore Citizens at the time of your child's birth, your child must obtain Singapore Citizenship before reaching (a) 24 months of age to be eligible for the Baby Bonus Cash Gift, and (b) 12 years of age to be eligible for the Child Development Account. The Baby Bonus benefits will be pro-rated according to the date your child obtains Singapore Citizenship.

    • 3. If my child has just obtained Singapore Citizenship, what Baby Bonus Scheme benefits does he/she qualify for?

      You can check your child’s eligibility and entitlement using the Eligibility Check tool.


      If either you or your spouse is a Singapore citizen at the time of your child's birth, he/she will be eligible for the full Baby Bonus benefits. Your child must obtain Singapore Citizenship and join the scheme before reaching 12 years of age.


      If you and your spouse are not Singapore citizens at the time of your child's birth, your child will be eligible for pro-rated benefits.

      Your child must obtain Singapore Citizenship before 24 months of age to be eligible for the Cash Gift, and before 12 years of age to be eligible for the Child Development Account. The pro-rated amount will depend on the date that he or she becomes a Singapore citizen.

    • 4. Would parents have to return the Baby Bonus benefits that have already been disbursed to them in the following circumstances: (i) If the mother was lawfully married to the father, but divorced subsequently; (ii) If the child passes away subsequently.


      (i) No. Parents are required to inform the Ministry of Social and Family Development when there is a change in the (a) custody, care and control, or (b) care and control of the child. The parent granted both (a) and (b) will be the Child Development Account trustee to manage the child’s account, and the recipient of any remaining Baby Bonus Cash Gift.


      (ii) No. If the Baby Bonus Cash Gift has yet to be disbursed in full, the remaining balance will be given to the bank account holder in one lump sum. Your child's Child Development Account, if any, will also be closed. The remaining balances will be transferred to the Public Trustee for disbursement according to the Interstate Succession Act or Syariah Law.

    • 5. How is birth order determined? Are non-Singapore Citizen children/stepchildren/stillbirths counted in the birth order?

      The birth order is pegged to the number of Singapore Citizen children born to the mother or adopted by the mother. The computation of birth order includes biological children, adopted-in children, and stillbirths or children who have passed away.


      Multiple births (e.g. twins and triplets) are considered separate birth orders. For example, the first twin is considered as the first child and the second twin as the second child.

      If there is an adopted child, the birth order is determined by the date of adoption, or the date the child becomes a Singapore Citizen, whichever is later.


      Stepchildren, non-citizen children, foster children and adopted-out children are excluded from the computation of birth order.

    • 6. Are adopted children eligible for benefits under the Baby Bonus Scheme? What are the benefits that an adopted child will receive?

      Yes, adopted children are eligible if they meet the eligibility conditions. Please use the Eligibility Check tool to check your adopted child’s eligibility and benefits. 


    • 7. Is it compulsory to make a deposit to open a Child Development Account and top up savings in the account to the specified cap once the account is opened?

      No, there is no such requirement. It is up to you to save based on your needs. For instance, if you save $10, the Government will match with an additional $10. The savings may be used for your child’s educational and healthcare expenses at Approved Institutions registered with the Ministry of Social and Family Development until the end of the year that your child turns 12 years old.


      Interest earned is not considered as a contribution and will not be matched. Savings above the specified Government contribution cap will also not be matched. You may save into your child’s Child Development Account up to 31 Dec of the year he or she turns 12.

    • 8. What can I use the savings in the Child Development Account for?

      The money may be used on all your children, even those without a Child Development Account, to pay for their expenses at Approved Institutions that have registered with the Ministry of Social and Family Development under the Baby Bonus Scheme. These include:


      • Childcare centres licensed by the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA)
      • Kindergartens registered with ECDA or Council for Private Education and special education schools registered with the Ministry of Education respectively
      • Early intervention programmes registered with the Ministry of Social and Family Development
      • Hospitals, clinics and other healthcare institutions licensed by the Ministry of Health
      • Pharmacies registered with the Health Sciences Authority
      • Optical shops registered with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority
      • Assistive technology device providers registered with the National Council of Social Service, Ministry of Health or Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority

      View the full list of Approved Institutions where the Child Development Account funds can be used at here:


      Do note that the funds cannot be withdrawn in cash. Withdrawals from the Child Development Account can only be made via interbank GIRO or NETS at Approved Institutions.


      • Payment via interbank GIRO: Please enquire with your Approved Institution. You will need to fill up an application form to use interbank GIRO for the Child Development Account and submit it to the institution.
      • Payment via NETS: The bank you opened the Child Development Account with will issue you a Baby Bonus NETS Card. While you can use this card to make NETS payments at Approved Institutions from your child's Child Development Account, it cannot be used to make payments at other places, or to withdraw cash at ATMs.

    • 9. What happens to the Child Development Account after my child turns 12?

      The account will be closed, and any unused account funds will be transferred to your child’s Post-Secondary Education Account, up to a cap. Child Development Account trustees will be notified if there is excess balance above this cap to be refunded.

    For more information on the Baby Bonus Scheme, please visit: