Types of Preschools Available

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Government-supported preschools

Government-supported preschools refer to (i) centres under the Anchor Operator and Partner Operator schemes, and (ii) MOE Kindergarten. Anchor Operator and Partner Operator centres are subject to fee caps and quality requirements.


Types of preschools

(1)    Childcare and Infant Care Centres

Infant care services cater to infants aged between two and 18 months. They are usually provided in childcare centres, though some centres only provide either infant or childcare services.

Childcare centres provide early childhood care and development programmes for children aged between 18 months and below seven years old.


(2)    Kindergartens

Kindergartens provide preschool education programmes for children between 18 months and below seven years old. Most kindergarten sessions are three to four hours each day.

MOE Kindergarten offers four-hour K1 and K2 programmes at its centres. For parents who require full-day services for their child, Kindergarten Care (KCare) is available at most MOE Kindergartens. Click to find out more about MOE Kindergarten and KCare.


MOE Kindergarten – Early Years Centre Pilot Model

MOE partners two Anchor Operators – PCF Sparkletots and My First Skool – in a pilot model known as MOE Kindergarten – Early Years Centre.

This partnership provides quality and affordable preschool education for Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents aged two months to six years.

Under this model, your child will attend:

  • An Early Years Centre until he or she is four years old.
  • The MOE Kindergarten that is partnered with the Early Years Centre, which allows your child to have a seamless transition to K1 when he or she turns five.

Use MOE’s SchoolFinder to search for MOE Kindergartens near you with Early Years Centres. You can also search for these centres through the PCF Early Years Centre and My First Skool websites.